Looking to Hire a Rubbish Skip? Well, Here Is Something You Need To Know

13 September 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

A skip is a large container which is usually open at the top and is used for waste collection. You probably have seen this in movies with most of them being yellow or green. The skip is loaded onto a particular truck when full for disposal. The full skip is then replaced with an empty one for the garbage collection to start again. A garbage skip is mostly used for large scale rubbish collection such as construction rubble as it has the capacity of carrying a lot of weight. Garbage skips come in different forms with each adapted to particular tasks excellently. Some of the common types include the general rubbish skips, the reno and builders skips, clean fill skips and the masonry skips. Now, when looking for a rubbish skip hire for your rubbish collection, consider going through this before deciding on what you require:

  1. General Rubbish Skips – The word general here points us to the function and purpose of this type of skips. The skip bins usually 6mare ideal for the people doing spring cleaning. They can also be used to collect rubbish in deceased estates as the rubbish within the bins is of general nature. These include things such as toys, furniture, green waste, timber, electrical appliances, carpets, metal and so much more. However, the bins are not designed to carry wastes such as concrete, asbestos, liquids, chemicals, wet paint and bricks.
  2. Reno and Builders Skips – This is also another class of skip bins which are intended for a definite purpose, unlike the general skip bins. The Reno and Builder skip bins are associated with construction and green waste. However, certain wastes like tiles, bricks, soil and concrete do incur extra costs when disposed of in this type of bins. Other waste items such as cooking utensils, furniture and clothing are not allowed in the Reno and Builders Skip Bins.
  3. Clean Skip Fills – There are times when you dig around your home, maybe for landscaping and find yourself with extra piles of dirt, soil, clay and earth which you need to be removed. Such wastes do require the particular skip bins which will conduct the task perfectly. However, the Clean Skip Fills cannot carry wastes such as rocks, green wastes, stones, liquids and contaminants.
  4. Masonry Skips – The Masonry Skips are perfect for those people seeking to renovate their lawns and gardens. Such bins are reserved for wastes such as tiles, concrete, bricks and roofing tiles. Most of this waste involves builder materials which will be used in the renovation process. However, the skips are not designed for other sorts of wastes including liquids, green waste and soils.